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The Creation of the Memorial Garden
Memorial Garden
Completion of the Narthex in
2005 left a small grassy area
between the old church entrance
and the Narthex. A group of
parishioners began to envision a
prayer garden on the site. After
months of planning, the dream
became a reality in May 2007. The
main focal point would be a brick
paver cross. Eventually these bricks
would be engraved with names of
loved ones and so evolved the
memorial garden. Also included in
the plans were a short retention wall
and planter along the south side of
the Narthex, a retention wall along the
driveway, and four square pillars at the
entrance to the garden and each side of the old church entrance. In preparation for the garden, several old shrubs and tall spruce trees were removed from the area and along the front of the church. The cross area was dug down several inches, filled with crushed stone and then layered with sand as a foundation for the pavers. Large concrete blocks were used to construct the retaining walls and entrance pillars. (Fun Fact: Hidden in one of the pillars is a “time capsule” put together by the members of the original garden construction crew.) Landscaping fabric was laid and flowers were planted. The construction crew was exhausted but ecstatic with the results of their hard work.

In subsequent years; shrubs, perennials, trees and two decorative concrete benches have been added. Many of the perennials have been donated by church members from their home gardens. Each spring, annuals are planted to put the finishing touches on this beautiful garden which boasts blooms of every hue from spring until fall frost.
All construction of the original garden and annual additions since has been completed by church members. Many thanks go out to any church members who has helped in any way with this beautiful addition to our church grounds!